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Jew Cherry Popped


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Well anyways guys ive been putting in more and more hours at wharves and beaches and finnaly it happened im on the board.....

Me and the old man rocked up at a spot that has been producing consistent quality 34 -40 cm bream and whiting of late... and it has some awesom gutters and holes as well as yes it is one of sydneys most -popular beaches..well we knocked off work on friday arvo after spending 6 hours in the roof and with the arvo high at 6:23 we rocked up and had the baits in the water at 530ish a bit later than planned but it happens on one rod i had a fresh baby squid and on the other rod a whole blood worm anyways about half hour goes bye and a couple of small whiting and all of a sudden slam the blood worm is off and running after a good first up run of about 40 m the lack of white water on the beach at the time meant i could turn him and move him back and then all of a sudden he gets int hat last little bit of wash and goes again so i spend 3 or 4 mins trying to get the sucker out of there and im pumped... on the beach the first jew landed... measuring a respectable 62cm and weighing a few kgs buit definately a good way to start and a quality beach jew

after that for the next hour or so little whiting were in plague proportion all well under size and i have a feeling that a few off them might have gone missing that night cos i had 2 more solid runs on the squid and the blood worm 1 each but neither could be landed as they just destroyed me in the surge i sighted the second fish and it looked to be closer to the 80 to 90cm mark anyways headed home... and am getting ready to cook the lil guy as i type this...

Should go down well with a few cold ones.


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