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Captain Cook Bridge


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Have been fishing captain cook bridge with a few mates for the last 3 night friday saturday sunday and will head out soon for my last fish in quite a while.

Friday night alot of pickers Until about 1am when we landed 2 bream in 2 casts on a yellowtail fillet then no bites so home we went.


Measurements were 29 and 30.

Saturday saw us do a litle bit better with 4 bream and again it was around 1am that they started biting

measurements were 27, 28, 33 and 34 then it was dead 30mins after. My mate left and took the fish with him But me and another mate stayed. Kept casting and casting changed to a metal lure and thought i'd hav some fun on some tailor First cast hooked up. But this didnt feel like a tailor it was a Flathead at 49cm :thumbup: a few more casts and hooked up again and this wasnt a tailor or flathead. It was a bream :1yikes: My first on a metal lure but only a smallish 25cm



Now last night was one off the worst we weren't able to get a single bream. and we stayed till 4am If it wasnt for the warmer weather and calm water that made it good for casting a metal for the tailor. which kept us having fun. I find that when there are no fish around but tailor the jewwies are had a take and spit on a live yellowtail which was interesting as i only casted the yellowtail about 10m out.

Now preparing for trip 4 anyone heading out there might see you there :biggrin2:

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