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Kings 8/6/09


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took advantage of this great weather and took the old man out to get some kings. :1fishing1:

said to him we'll hook up on some great fish...... but he didn't know what was coming for him.

bait was slow but moved around and eventually found them. dropped the first bait at around 8ish. minutes later rob buckles over and line goes loose.... shit missed him..... left the line in and started winding the down rigger back up.... and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we on!!! came up with a 90cm king. second bait down and on again within no time to this hoodlum my old man brought in. HUGE pb for him on the kings.... weight was 11kg. eager to score more kings dropped the other baits down. finshed with another 2 kings around 80cm and busted off on another king which felt like a hoodlum.

get day on the water!!



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no secret on bait as one of best bait to use is live calamari....... bigger the bait bigger the king.

nah not really out wide northern head of botany bay...... i live in the bay so i never venture to the harbour.

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