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Narooma Weekend


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Hi All,

Just finished the latest work project so as a reward the boss generously took me down to Narooma for a few days fishing with him and his mates.

Reports of the fishing from down that way had been really good and the weather was shaping up nicely so hopes were high and this was one trip that didn't fail to deliver.

We spent two days offshore at the Island and wider and every minute of it was full of fish the water temp was at 20 degrees there was bait everywhere and most importantly big predators on there tails.

The island had a huge amount of kings from rats to 8kgs and including some unstopables on the shallower reefs that were much larger.There were also alot of bonnies in patches but the highlight was a beautiful day of weather on Thursday that had us heading out to the shelf in search of something larger. Conditions were fantastic and there was a lot of bird activity and a slight increase in water temp so we set a spread of lures while we began to cut up a tub full of cubes.


It didn't take long till we saw some pretty serious surface action and then some good soundings under the boat so without wasting a second we pulled lines in and started cubing.It only took about 1/2 an hour before the first reel started to scream and i had the rod thrown at me ,loaded up tight and away i was putting as much pressure on as i could but man these things can go. We landed the first one and put more baits out for what was constant action at one stage a triple hook up on yellow fin. With enough in the boat but a sounder covered in fish we decided to have a jig and see if it wasn't just yellow fin the first jig was taken straight away and it turned out there was a huge amount of albacore underneath us as well. We had some fun on the albacore with jigs before deciding to leave the fish biting their heads off and heading back to the island for some afternoon kingfish fun.

All in all one of the best fishing trips i've had and just as good were a couple of great barbies i had with mates back home with sushimi and fish steaks For all.



steve and yellow fin



post-7411-1244459353_thumb.jpg me and some others


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Great report mate, what a great span of fish and how are your arms.

Good onya for catching some huge fish, sounds like a good time had.

Congrats on the report and the pics too..


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