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Another Great Day Off Cronulla


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It was a late start, but as we headed out around Jibbon bommie and along the Royal National Park, we were full of confidence as it was calm and sunny. (It was so good to be on the water again!)

It is certainly a beautiful part of the coast.


As we were approaching Marley, I noticed a couple of fish splashing, so we trolled a couple of pink skirts. Within 20 seconds a little bonito was on board. They are certainly pocket rockets.

We continued trolling for an hour or so picking up some nice tailor. It went quiet, so we decided to try a couple of drifts for some flatties, but only managed "quality" fish(???) like this:


To make things worse, the jackets then turned up in huge numbers, :1badmood: so we decided to head back to Bate Bay and try a few drifts there. Hopefully the bloody jackets wouldn't follow us!


On the way back, the lures were smashed twice and the reels screamed, but each time “whatever they were” threw the hooks. I reckon they were probably some decent stripies. They had weight and speed.

Back into Bate Bay and conditions were perfect. First drift and we pick up some good flathead and the occasional ray. I reckon Syd should change his name to "Rayman".


Syd catches another banjo and once again shows what you do with them. (Yeah, he's a barrel of laughs! lol)


The afternoon was drawing to a close as the sun started to drop behind Cronulla. It had been another top day with a good feed on board for both our families and friends. I even let Syd keep the flounder as I'd caught one last trip.



The final catch - a table filler!


The tailor fillets were smoked and were fantastic.



It was a magical day to be on the water and I was just happy that I was able to get out again. Can't wait till the next trip.



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I'm not a big fan of tailor for the table, Peter, but I reckon I'd have a go at one of those smoked fillets :drool::drool:

The conditions looked brilliant, and you ended up with a great feed of flatties etc for your troubles. Syd was again at his musical best ... ah, life's good. Top photos as usual mate :thumbup:



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I reckon it would be a crack up goin' out with you blokes, you catch heaps of good fish and you have a laugh as well, that's the way it should be catch a few and enjoy the moment.

Good onya Pete and Syd, great report and great pics too..


P.S, starting to get a collection af musical fish playing..

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Sounded like a great day on the water with a good mix bag of fish, what size and brand are the pink skirts you were running?


G'day squidink.

The pink skirts we used are from a cheap packet of about 6 or 8 that I bought about 15 years ago. (I only have three left now) I have no idea what their name is. They are 12cm long and have proved lately to be more successful than the more expensive "name" brands. Go figure?

Below is a picture of my mate Syd and one of the dozen stripies we picked up a month ago using the same pink skirts. Of course Syd changed to one I gave him after I was getting more strikes with my pink skirt.


Last weekend, the same skirts proved irresistible to the tailor. Below is a picture of the skirts. The one I used was number 3. As you can see it is a little worse for wear now. (They don't call them chopper tailor for nothing). You might also notice that it has a twin hook. It works well with very few lost fish even when they jump a lot. Number 2 shows what the skirt should look like.

However, to be honest, the most successful tailor lure I have used is the hard body (number 1). It is practically "see-through" now with much of the paint gone, but it still catches more tailor than anything else. I've tried other similar lures, but this seems to be my "lucky" one and regularly outfishes anyone else two to one. I thought it might have been my "skill" as well, but when I give the lure to other people to use, they outfish me!


I hope this helps.



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Hey mate nice fish you always still to do well there.

I was fishing around the same area but only got some trevally and stuff and we were only there for 20 mins due to someone getting sea sick :05:

Anyway well done ! Great feed

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as always very good report Pete.

I caught one of those Wrasse the other day, they told me its a Maori Wrasse.

ur good at getting those flounders, id love one that size!



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Saw this "group" of yakkers down at Little Marley. I was wondering if there were any Raiders there?


I'm not sure what the correct term is for a collection of yakkers? Herd? Swarm? Gaggle? Paddle? Yakkle?



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