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Went for a blackie fish yesterday for a couple of hours. Not much was happening, even though I could see plenty of balckfish. Had a few downs but they were hard to hook up. Still a pleasant afternoon on the water. Our resident dolphins decided to show up, and at times were only a few feet away.

Caught a couple of fish, with this one been the largest. Still good fun. Also a couple of pics of Forster, and it's famous bridge linking thw twin towns of Forster/Tuncurry.





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Nice work Glenn :thumbup: send me some of that weed down,it looks great.

Cheers Stewy

Nice reort and photos Glen.....I didn't know where to scroll to next, how'd you spot the bucket among all the other activity Stewy :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Love the pics

Last time I was up in Forster I fished the same little spot as you with the blackfish and caught a thumping 40cm+ bream on un weighted peeled prawn. I got another 35cm model right after! couldnt believe it! I was just mucking around with a few friends as it was too windy to fish anywhere else.

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It's all about the weed, the good weed :074: Got plenty of the stuff Stewy. Seems to be plenty of it around here. Just wish the blackies would take the hint.

Nice work Chopper. :thumbup:

I've found some Blackfish up here but stuffed if I can find any weed to catch them with. I'm sure there must be some somewhere but it's a closely guarded secret.

Cheers, Slinky

I'll let you know Slinky was has been working for me with a shortage of weed. I fish with a 2 hook rig. One for weed, and the other is a weed fly from Gofish. Believe it or not, I have had heaps of success with the weed fly. My first blackie up here was on a weed fly, caught in front of Roberta. She couldn't believe it. It is interesting with 2 hooks to see what the fish take.

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These are the flies that I use. At the moment, I use the one on the right which I got from GoFish. Other times, I use one on the left that I got up here. Both work a real treat. As I said, I use two hook rig. One with local weed, and the other a weed fly.


Good work Glenn,

Im gonna try our famous spot out this weekend...it should be firing!

Hi Mike,

I miss fishing at our spot Mike. I really enjoyed the times we fished down there. Hope you get into some great fish, should be jewie season down there. If you ever come to Forster, sure to catch up for a fish.

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