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Plastics For Flathead..


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:1fishing1: G'day guys this is my first post..

I"ve just moved to "The Terrace" aka Raymond terrace a few months ago, and i'm still learning this tides and species change, (saltwater is a little weird for me being from out past bathurst).

Anyway, back on track, a friend of mine has encouraged me to use my gear for chasing flathead, but i've got no idea on where, when and what to use in the way of soft plastics, let alone how to use them.. if anyone has some ideas or technique tips, please share?


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Hey mate

Once you have a few goes at chasing them with plastics youll find it a breeze to know what your doing! they are a fun fish to start chasing with plastics, i perfect fish to start with basically. My perference with plastics is fish type plastics with the paddle tails on them, any brand works really. Also i find plastics around the 3" to 5" range are the best suited for them, But the best thing to do is just trial and error, try lots of different retrieves and spots.

As for time of day to catch them, im sure there is better times of the days then others but ive found that you can pick them up any time of the day regardless just depends on your luck.

Hope you can catch a few soon!



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