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Wisemans Ferry - June Long Weekend


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I was so keen to get my little punt in the water on the weekend. It had been sitting idle for almost 2 years for one reason or another. So, I finally dragged it up to our recently acquired van at Wisemans Ferry and on Saturday morning loaded it up with rods, bait etc. and wife (she was keen to have a fish). The 1972 Johnson 6hp wouldn't start - damn! It worked fine 2 years ago! I pulled the boat back in, the wife went to read a book and I took the cover off the motor. Checked the plugs - they were oiled up and the gap was way too wide. Cleaned them up and set the gap correctly. Still no go. Damn! It looked like I wouldn't be boat fishing yet again. :1badmood:

Later in the morning I wandered down to the jetty to have a chat to a guy fishing there. He had been soaking a prawn and all he'd been catching was eels but he had also caught a bass. I advised him that it was closed season but he said it was badly gut hooked and bleeding badly so he decided to keep it. :thumbdown: What to do?

Anyway, he invited me to drop a line beside him on the jetty, which I did for a little while. I was just thinking about packing it in and getting some lunch, when, "Wham!", I had a solid hit and pulled in a nice flathead - 53cm. Filleted and skinned, it went on the BBQ that night - very nice indeed! Bait was Hawkesbury prawn, peeled.


The guy on the jetty was telling everybody he'd been feeding my fish!

Somehow, I got the motor started in the afternoon but it just doesn't seem to have any power, so I have a few things to look at. Took the wife out on Sunday morning anyway (slow go is better than no go) and we got a small but legal bream each on the drift.

I'm pleased to see there are some fish about. I don't know the Hawkesbury system well and I thought it had been a bit fresh up above Wisemans. So, looks like I will be giving it a regular bash with some confidence when I can get my motor issues sorted out. And the wife even hinted that maybe I could buy a new motor or a bigger boat! :yahoo: We'll see...


PS. Hmmm... the pic doesn't show on the PC I'm on now but it was fine on the one at home. That maybe because I went the Photobucket route. I'll have another crack tonight at home. Added as an attachment now.

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