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Monday 8/06

tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

Went out from Little Manly at 5.30am and drifted around till sun up.

We ventured outside trolling for an hour or so but no luck.

Back inside and my mate Glen hooks up to a nice Tailor, 49 cm - and his PB fish!!

Apart from a couple of wrasse and undersized bream, that was it.

Still we had a great day out!!


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Hey Tan i was trolling around north head that day. Did u see a guy in a small tinnie in a red and white jacket and think "this guys nuts!"... If so that would be me.

My weekend report is up also.

Nice tailor.


Mate you should have rung me - or maybe I should have rung you?

There were a couple of solo tinnies out - I remember a guy in a green tinnie just outside.

Shame we didnt see each other bud.

WHEN ARE WE going out? :mad3::mad3:

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