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The Difference/s Between Breaked And Unbreaked


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Hi All,

As some of you may know (from this page!) im looking to buy a boat, preferbly a tinnie..which can be towed by my humble 4cyl Lancer...The car manufacturer/dealership says my car can tow upto 750KG "breaked" and 1.2tonne "breaked" ..

So..the question is, what is the difference between "breaked" and "unbreaked" trailers..apart from the obvious fact, breaks :) .. :tease:

Is there any structural difference?..would the tow ball/bar be different from each types of trailer?..

Any info would help as im still in the "doing your home work before buying a boat" phase :beersmile:

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Hi, the trailers are the same for the same model trailer braked or unbraked, the coupling will be different, but the ball size is the same 50mm. The laws are as what you are being told by the car dealership. Anything under 750 kg does not need brakes, anything over that till 1990kg need mechanical over-ride brakes and above that it will require electric breakaway brakes.

Hope this helps and if the car is rated to 1200kg that gets you a good size alloy boat/motor/trailer package.



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slightly off topic, but you may want to double check the towing capacity to be sure.

I used to have a '07 Mazda3 (similar vehicle to the lancer) and its towing capacity was only 550kg unbraked..... i'd say the lancer would be close to that also...


Good luck boat shopping.... :1fishing1:


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