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Gladesville Tonight


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Got to our spot about 9pm and Dougie and his mate were already on the wharf and they had landed a tiny Bream.

After setting up a berley treil of cat food, bread and wheet-bix (yes you read it right) I proceeded to send out the head of a squid on one rod and the other had a pillie tail.

We sat around and I got to crack open my longie and have a few sips, but I was interrupted when Eddie arrive on the wharf.

It was flippin freezing on the water with a slight wind of about 10km...

Ed pulled out the big guns and provided some fresh yakkas from another expedition last night.

Oce we all had our lines in the water it was a waiting game and we thought no fruit for all the effort so far.

tried getting some yakkas for livies but no-one home.

So, that was very disappointing not getting any yakkas at all the whole time we were there

Still sitting round about an hour later and Eddies rods (yes both of them) started jumpin around and of course we were stoked just to get some decent bites.

Eventually Ed nailed an just legal blue nose Bream which he kept.

Still getting bites and I started getting a few aswell.

Figured to just well alone as were fishing 1/0 so good chance the fish hook themselves.

After a short while it was the top of the tide and all movement stopped, and so did the bites completely.

Once the run out started to gain momentum we thought some fresh bait was on the cards, so Ed got his in first and he had no bait left (which we suspected was pesky bream pickers or choppers).

So, here I am just thinking, wow I havent even gotten a bight so I wanted to change baits- picked up the rod then 2 good solids hits and a short but very quick run, thumbed the spool and tighten up the drag- it is on! WOO-HOO!!!!!

A few minutes later what we thought was a really good Bream turned out to be a healthy Flattie- Ed did a fantastic job of netting him.

He came up tail first but had swallowed the hook- he was just sittin on the bottom with a hook in his throat and I had no idea he was there until he went. I reckon he somehow tangled himself around the line either during the fight or was already tangled when I struck the final blow during the first run. :dontknow:

We figured him to be about 50 or 55cm or just bigger so I cut his throat and retreive the hook (with a small amount of bait left). ed took a coupla piccies on the phone (have to upload them tomorrow from work- God I hate Mini-SD cards and the fact I dont have a reader for it at home on the laptop!)

We kept fishing until Ed had some real good hits on his smaller rod but before he could get the fish it wound him around the pylons and we had to snap the line cause nothing was getting this fish out the way he went in.

Dougan left about 11ish so was just Ed and I on the wharf.

Anyways, it was about 12:30am by this time and we decide to start packing up, then same thing happens to Ed again, this time he had a hold of the rod and the fish ran straight under the wharf and spat the hook.

I was frozen to the core even though I was pretty rugged up so I packed up and came home. left Ed there still trying for the elusive Flattie that we think rampaged his line twice.

I got everything home nicely up and measured the beast, he was a very healthy 56cm exactly from nose to tail.

It sure is cold as outside but the Flattie made up for all the other times have been and not brought anything home for din-din- the missus will be ecstatic when she see the fishy!

Small consolation for a very cold night but am STOKED Ed and Dougie came along - always good to get out of the house and just chill out by the water.

Definitely upload the piccies later this morning - after all it is 3am now, lol and I have just completed an hour or so of work



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good to hear some one else had some luck aswell last night. i found a BIG patch of slimy mackerals. :D my new favorite fish..

Hey Richard,

Can you tell me where you currently get your slimey's???

Love catching them and using them for bait so I would like to come along some time and get some- they are the best bait I ever used for bigger species (besides Mullet and Stiped Tuna).



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Here are the piccies guys- hope they come out OK (I know they are a bit blurry but Ed con't take photos for peanuts even with me telling how to take the piccies)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Good on ya Ed for giving it a go!



and one more....




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Well done! I used Whiskettes Cat bickies once .........never again! ...al I caught was catfish. :mad3:

Glad to see they worked for you.

Not surprized mate- the kitty bikkies dont really have anything substantial to them- once they soak in H2O they just break up and dont make it to the bottom

I use the no frills cat food in a tin (pilchard and sardine) cause you can mash or mix it all up buth the chunks make it all the way through the water column down to where the fishies are.

Bread and weet bix with other condiments (like prawn heads, old frames, and anything else like rotten pillies or tiny bottle squid and even chicken and steak) will go into the mix at various times depending on what I have left over from both human consumption and also from my bait fishing adventures.

I like to experiment with berley and I sometimes use Tuna oil but I find it isnt requried for many applications and it just smells wrong!



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