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Blackfish- Day Or Night?


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I am a member of a fishing club and have been bait fishing for a while now, but have just started to get interested in Blackfish.

The Fishing Secretary said to me the only time to catch them was at night, but others say either day or night or some state the day is the only time. I know about using bread/burley for them.

So being somewhat confused I am now asking for a little help. Also anyone around the Sutherland Shire area that would be willing to help me catch my first Blackfish then you have my gratitude for life (:beersmile:).

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G'day mate. I've never seen or heard of any blackfish being caught at night. Nor have I heard of bread being used for anything in luderick fishing. I've only ever used greenweed, for bait and berley (chopped finely and mixed with sand for the berley), but you can get them on worms aswell.

Here's a link to a good thread about fishing for blackies.


Good luck


P.S. It's at the top of the page in the pinned topics part of this sub section, Fishing Chat.

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The Fishing Secretary said to me the only time to catch them was at night

And that's why he is the secretary and not the President! Good with money, not sense!

I would reckon that 98% of Luderick are caught during daylight hours, or nearabouts.

In fact they are one of the most reliable daylight species you can catch.

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Guys the reason 98 percent of your luderick are day caught is cause it's a sight thing using a float, we used to get loads off the beach next to the rocks on a lot of eatern suburbs beaches chasing bream at night using pippis or yabbies they will swallow a 1/0 hook meant for a bream, and they will take bread a mate gets loads at night off a small beach somwhere in the Eastern suburbs by night in rough weather in 3 foot of water, it's very sheltered where he fishes from southerly weather and rarely misses out, we also used to get a lot on the breakwall at Cooks River of a night on bloodworms chasing bream!

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i definately agree that most of the blackies that are caught are caught during the day because thats when people fuish for them ...they are as mentioned above a very reliable daytime fish but are often a bycatch when fishing for bream and the like at night off the rocks so i cant c why fishing for them at night wouldnt work alhough it would prob ably have to be by touch rather than sight..

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