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Mixed Bag In And Out Of Botany

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Gday Raiders,

Braved the freezing conditions this morning to head out and hopefully crack a red fella and some inkers. So, up at 350 on the water by 445

Our first squid spot was slow... probably becuase we didn't have much light around it and it was before the sun had risen.. anyway.. managed one and headed out to target reddies once the sun started to rise

The going was tough at first... not even a touch after previously predicting a large load of sargeant bakers likely be on the cards. There was action everywhere but our lines... albatross everywhere, diving birds, penguins and loads of whales... 2 of which breeched suddenly about 10 metres from our boat scaring the living daylights out of us :1yikes:

After the whales had left, finally had a hit, felt like it couldve been a trevor or a red.. but as the fight went on i could tell it was red.. and sure enough it was.. pretty happy


2 hours pasted and we decided to try some of our other marks. Had a few good shows on the finder so decided to stick with the SPs. Managed to landed a few rat kings which are great fun on light tackle had a blast.


We also managed to land a juvie samson fish which i had never seen in the flesh... they fight just as hard as kings i rekon.. beaut looking fish.. makes me think how hard some of those WA ones pull.


Once the kings had left, we decided to make tracks and try to crack a few more inkys on the way home. Tried our 'last resort' spot and had some success.. landing 3 in total.. one being an cracker. Decided to keep 2 for Jew baits for later in the week and the big boy will be gobbled up later tonight


Had a great day.. but boy it was cold!


Squid Hunter

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