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Caught A Cold

Basil D

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me and my son decided to go to Bare island today 13/6/09 to try our hand at blackfish fishing, had a many downs for 0 and caught one and droped it :1badmood: , gave up after a while and decided to give Squiding a go.

this the first time i caught one and i was actually targeting them.

droped another two, i was starting to shiver & my knees were shaking it was that cold.

got home and had the most wonderfull shower, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

cooked up the squid and had :beersmile:

now im watching the footy, typiclal guy


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Nice sized squid mate!

I would have chucked it back on a coupla 6/0's in the hope to get either a Kingie or a Jew

Gotta admin there isnt anything quite like fresh Calamari though with a quiet quenching ale to wash it down





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Not too shabby Basil. Just remember that your eating the bait.......... How will you get that big kingie if you keep eating the bait.. :074:

im a sucker for fresh Calamari. im going back there coming :1prop:
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