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I want to have a go at blackfish fishing in the parramatta river. I just need to locate some weed that i can use. I have tried some storm water drains but i cant seem to find any. Also any spots that produce blackies in the harbour would help. Also what line class would you use on your alveys? you can pm me the spots aswell :1prop:

Cheers hazza :thumbup:

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first your on the right path to getting weed though heavy rain will flush it out of drains as the debris scours it out, tidal affected drains are the best ones, try mangrove swamps around Homebush area. Weed as many will suggest is the be all and end all. Crap! Try cabbage picked off the ocean rocks is great and will result in bigger fish too! Just burley with it as well, take caution collecting it as your near the ocean, Nth marouba beach can be dependable around the rocks there on the beach and sometimes high quality stringy weed can be got feels like silk! Otherwise try any rock ledge and be cautious.

as for spots look for a good rock ledge or wall wit ha nice drop off and some kelp or weed beds, a good staters spot is a place like high Street Neutral Bay great for the kids too very comfy spot in a Westerly! Run in tide is the best.

Okay raiders told you too much signing off and good luck to all you part timers 9only kidding great to see a resurgance in the art even though you can target them all year and they fire just as well in summer plus make great jewie baits) :1prop:

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