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North Head / Mh


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Hi Raiders,

Hit the water at 11am with my new boss with a promise to put him on a king.

Couldnt be bother getting up at the crack of dawn and chasing squid, so really just went out

for a day on the water.

Trolled North head for zip, didnt bother chasing any livies as I had my never fail backup

freezer burnt pillies, and these ones were in really bad shape, so chance of success was high.

Couldnt lose a bait anywhere - water was different temps all over the place

Spent an hour on the Jumbo size squid, coudl get them to the boat, but not one would take the jig

and i tried every secret weapon i had in the arsenal, including some new cool stuff from Japan

we then both agreed that the squid were smarter than us,

then went off to chase my favourite MH quarrie - the coffee boat

He was shadowing a sailing race that was going maybe 2 knots an hour

so we chased him down, to land to nice hot chocolates, one small just under the limit the other XO sized - they went down well.

Tried the regular MH haunts, one of my favourites has a big boat on top of it now,

spoke to one of the charters, who said he coudlnt get past the leather jackets

A leather jacket would have been welcomed by us!

Went to the final spot before calling it a day, about 4 boat there and knowone was catching anything

Dropped down the juiciest pillies on the 3kg outfit - and bang hooked up on a heavy weight and slowly

dragged it to the boat hopping it was a squid. Turned out ot be a 50cm rat who didnt realise it was hooked.

And just kept swimming around the boat - eventually it woke up and put on a little bit of a fight

we got the camera and took a phot for my boss to send a photo back to his 8 year fishing nut son back in Norway lifted him out the water took the photo and he was back in within 10 secs


Packed up and headed back to the ramp

Saw a guy cleaning a gemfish at the ramp, and wondered how his 4.3 metres tinny made it out to browns?,

the lucky bloke was given one by some anglers who must of felt sorry that he didnt catch any fish when he'd taken him family out on MH

Nice day on the water, very calm just a bit of rain

Didnt see any other raiders though


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Nice report Jason.

At least you got 1 fish - and i think i know where by the look of the pic. :1prop:

I will give you a call about heading out next weekend - hopefully Sunday if the weather is good!



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