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Drummer Time


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Howdy Raiders,

With winter well and truly with us I've given the Kings a rest and giving the blackies and drummer nudge off the rocks.

Been fishing off Old Mans Hat on and off in April and May without much luck (as was the case same time last year). Things picked up last Monday when a scored a few keeper blackies.

But Saturday things went up a gear.

The first fish was lost to the knot at the hook using 8lb trace

The 2nd fish bent my blackfish hook.

Third time lucky using a stronger hook and 12 lb trace I managed to land this beast.


My old Wilson Estuary Blackfish was pushed to the limit but did the job as it has time and time again over the years.

Caught a couple of mid sized blackies then called it a day.

Hopefully this will be the first of many this winter.



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That is a stonker and would have gone about 3kgs at least...Those wilson rods are always good value. I replaced one that I snapped and only got the 10'6" model instead of the 12'.....big mistake as i need the extra length off the stones!

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Mate that is a huge beast. How did it compare to the kings from the harbour? Never caught a balckfish myself but read they take some stopping. Needs a decent fish to bend a decent hook. What sort were you using? Cheers. Mike.

To be honest I dont reckon they fight as hard pound for pound as King (this fish would be about 3kg equivelent to a 70 plus cm King) but certinaly close. To their detriment drummer tend fight side on using their deep body and broad tail so all you have to do is keep the pressure on from go to whoa. But give em an inch or two and they'll find the nearest bit of kelp. Decent Kings on the other hand will try every trick in the book including coming straight towards you under the boat/anchor rope/mooring/rock ledge etc.

The bent hook was only a size 6 blackfish hook which is fine gauge and pretty easy for a pig to bend. Have only managed to land a couple on these hooks because they were lodged in a way that the hook couldn't bend.

The hook that I caught this beast on is actually small but reasonaly heavy gauged fly fishing hook that my local tackle shop recommended. It's not as effective at catching blackies but works well on the drummer.


Great fish mate

What bait did you get him on?

Cabbage weed, they love it, sometimes.

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