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Beach Fishing


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Hi Im new to the game of beach fishing, I already have a 12 foot rod and a nice reel, and have been a bit, got a few tailor.

Was wonder what rigs and bait is best for jewies and tailor?

And what conditions are best.

Im up at Newcastle and go to Stockton beach in the gutters.


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I'm not the one to ask about Jewies... but Tailor is easy. A paternoster with a star sinker to suit the conditions and a set of 4/0 or 5/0 gang hooks on a dropper... use whole pillies for bait. Couldn't be simpler. Other bait like garfish and yakkas work fine too but Pillies are simpler and cheaper.

You can also try spinning with the same outfit using something like a 40g Raider or similar lure to suit the bait that's around.

Cheers, Slinky

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god damn, lucky you, bloody love stockton, awesome view.

Dont go up there much, but the fish can be really good at times i've heard.

Good luck with the trip mate, hope you get a good jewie :D

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Slinky got it right, the best rig for the surf is the paternoster with either a single or double dropper.

Use either a snapper lead, star sinker or beach sinker on the end and keep your droppers about 30cm apart.

I normally throw a double with a mullet strip on each or a single with a whole pillie. Sometimes you can use a whole small squid on each or beachworms. Very versatile. You can even throw two different baits.

My reccommendation is to use a quality ball bearing swivel above the rig.

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The paternoster is a great rig for almost every occasion not just the beach.

The paternoster will work great in the river and lake mac and swansea channel.

If your fishing in an area with huge current, try going for the twisted dropper over the basic dropper loop will help the bait stand off the main line a little better and avoid some tangles.

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ok 2 things ive found that im gonna recomend

number 1


always use good quality ball bearing swivels in the surf they can save you so much trouble during a long session

number 2

keep it simple the less things that can go wrong the better

my jew rig for a long time was basically a standard surf rig..ball sinker or bean sinker down to a swivel...slightly heavier trace line down to a hook of choice

recently this was changed to a standard ball or bean sinker that is based upon the conditions...good quality swivels as in point number 1...slightly heavier trace for jews or tailor or in the case of bream and whiting a slightly lighter trace than the mainline..then a 6/0 circle hook running down to a treble stinger with these hooks fixed in position at an interval as needed wit5h the bait some peopler may recomend a running snell but im a bigger fan of them being set snelled as if ur bottom hook fails for example all things being equal your top hook is still in place..this rig works well for things like yakkas and squid in the surf for jew

these are my suggestions im sure otgher people will have their own and thats the beauty of fishing..however my suggestion to you is try everything people suggest if it works awesome ur set if it doesnt take it as a grain of salt and move onto the next one..you can always learn from others

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