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Eulalia Wharf Davistown Hunting Bream

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, I went to one of my favourite wharves this arvo, it's at Davistown and is called Eulalia Wharf.

I was fishing with some small slabs of horsie and after trying a few likely areas I found the bream near

some moored boats and pylons.

The fish were not big and I didn't keep any but it was good fun, I sized right down to a 1/0 suicide hook

with a very small ball sinker running to the hook, anyway I scored 8 of these little fish, not big bream

and nearly all the same size as the one I photographed, a lot of fun on my light gear .

I managed a couple of pics and yes it rained on me again, so glad I bought that new jacket, it's great.

Anyway that was a couple of fun hours, thouroughly enjoyed playing with the bream..


Lotsa little ones this size.


They were hiding here.


Late shot of a stunning reflection

(not a good pic due to lack of light)


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Wadaya men "not a great pic" Man you are the bomb! I used to shoot for a living and from what I've seen from you, you oughta shoot stuff for magazines!

Give up this fishing stuff and get a real hobby!

I was only teasing... great work mate, love to see your work. What do you shot the pics with?

We could start a new topic in the Tackle forum!!!

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OMG!!!!- thats one of the wharves I used to fish @ Ray when I lived up that way-

Thats too funny cause I just sent you a PM about fishing those wharves from Saratoga and Davistown.

Thats a real nice Bream mate- real flashy!

Also very nice scenic piccies budd-

Very serene place that wharf have been there heaps of times over many moons ago- mate that is just GOLD that there are people fishing my old haunts- fantastic stuff

I am now seriously blown away! Who woulda guessed my old haunts are still producing Bream like that nie n healthy model


Now I gotta get back up there for sure



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Always enjoy your reports Ray, you do get around. :1fishing1:

Bream, no matter what size, still fight above their weight and catching them is always an enjoyable day out.

Great report, keep em coming.

Dave (Sandini)

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Beautiful spot Ray. Little bream are always good value on light gear.

However, I was also expecting a photo of the "jacket", ... and I didn't mean one of those annoying little rig stealing buggers!



PS I also think you could have posted some more photos. Three photos from you is not enough!

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Jeez Ray, what a beautiful part of the world Davistown is.

The serenity of the place would relax me to bits.

The steely grey sky with wafting low clouds over the heavily wooded hills gives you the feeling that it's still 1960. The mirrored landscape over the calm water tells you that you are alone - possibly the only person there. The quiet chill in the air reminds you it's a wild environment and that you need to have your wits about you. Then the scream of the reel shatters the euphoria as the river gives up it's treasure...

Well done Ray - I think that by just looking at the pics - I'm there.....

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