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Wallys Wharf 12/5/09


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post-10554-1245315512_thumb.jpga little old the report but as per regulations a record claim has to be accompanied by a report sooooooo

went down tgo wallys wharf on the 12/5/09 got down there at about 1130 banged out the jew rods with some squid and yakka fillets on the rod

we waited

and we waited

and we waited

and guess what we waited

and nothing not even pickers id never seen it so quiet neways slowly the rod with the squid head loaded up with weight i was relatively hopeful but alas it was a dead wait im thinking puffer or toad fish neways got close to the wharf and it was a crab... a good sized bluey that was lifted onto the wharf and was hooked through the rear left swimmer neways extremely angry at his inconvenience he was thrown in the bucket to be measured when we go home he went 11cm....


this old mate was taken while fishing for jew from wallys wharf on the 12/05/09 at wallys wharf on a squid head ripped up to a 6/0 hook he was hooked through the rear left swimmer not sure if u accept records for crabs as well but figured it was worth a crack

he went 11cm from front to back and that is an extremely large dinner plate he is on

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