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Royal Red Prawns


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Just did a quick search on royal red prawns. this FR thread is actually the 7th listing on google.

Royal reds are almost like bycatch for trawlers and are found at serious depths like 350m+! Trawlers from port stephens to ulladula catch them commercially. I wouldn't have thought there were pigs out on the continental shelf. Maybe they are! I guess you can presume they are not a natural pig food. Sydney fish markets considers them a 'low price' prawn with flesh that 'spoils very quickly'.

I wonder if their 'low price' has something to do with the fact that they are touted as a quality pig bait? Cheaper bait means more guys will be using it therefore more pigs caught etc. leading to idea that they are a top pig bait. I read a article in Fishing world about how guys along the coast buy them bulk off the trawlers for cheap and freeze them for later use. Also read another article from a central coast fisho who uses already COOKED imported prawns from any supermarket (NB. COOKED not the raw variety - using imported raw ones risks introducing diseases so NEVER use them as bait!). He baits one and whilst waiting, eats another!

Maybe the royal red flesh is more robust than the humble servo prawn. The little pigs I have caught have been on these servo prawns.

Can anyone shed any light?

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Using food seafood ( possibly imported) as bait risks introducing bugs and disease into our waterways.

I know many frozen supermarket packs of fish have a note on it as a condition "not to be used for bait must be cooked" " I think it is a condition of quaranteen and import. A lot od coles woolies prawns are aussie and even the ones that are are often packed in indonesia etc.

I think this has been discussed on other threads

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you can buy uncooked royal reds in frozen blocks in the freezers at the fish markets.I've bought them before to make gow gee's (chinese).But have to agree,the endeavour is cheap and good bait.

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