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Yak Fishing


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Hi jsut wondering what the best method is for attaching a rod to the yak so as to fish while paddling?

Also is it better to get a short 5' 2 piece rod or a retractable 6' rod? Cant seem to find a smaller rod? Also taking into acount ill need to fly up to Bris with it.


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Most just attach rod holders. Mine came from+_+_). Just bolt the base to the yak with a big backing plate if you think the plastic will flex too much.

I don't reckon a short rod is an advantage in a yak. You need to be able to get the tip of the rod in front of the front and rear of the yak if the fish goes under etc. Mine are all over 6 ft, although over 7ft might get a bit tough to handle.

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I'd go between a 6 n 7ft rod. I bought a small rod for fishing out of the kayak, thinking it would be better to handle and it's worse, as I have to dip the rod tip into the water if the fish wants to go around the other side. It's much easier with a 6'6 rod as you can get the tip around the front or back. I have a rod holder with a plastic backing plate, which I can move the angle of the holder, the basic berkely rod holder. I also have 2 fixed rod holders in the back just behind my hips, easy to get to and great when I am trolling.


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