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Lane Cover Upper - Kingfish


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Hey All,

Have not been fishing much lately as I am very busy ... but thought i'd go this morning.

Grabbed a couple of squid from freezer to go for jew. As I was driving decided to go to Lane Cove.

Anyway no luck on jew. As water began to run out one of my rod buckles... Landed an actual legal Kingfish.

Wow I thought so I threw another piece of squid out and within 2 minutes got nailed again - however lost this one.

Then threw out another piece and was onto another King... I thought how cool is this!

Then I saw massive bubbles of water around the shallows. Grabbed my 2 pound bream outfit - put on a 3 inch softy and waited. I then saw the bubble approach me so I threw the softy in and started jigging.

Bang I was on at my feet - I only had 125 pound of 2 pound fireline on... Almost got spooled - then it tired.

After 5 minutes I landed a 68 cm King -- how cool 0 sushimi for 2 night..

Always new kings go all the way up river during winter -- they were chasing hardy heads.. This time it was my turn to get them .. tight lines!

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Well done Jim , great to hear youre still around.

Mate we should hook uo for a winter jew or two.

great to hear you got some sushi,cant wait to get out and wet a line myself.

Twin 1

Marcel :beersmile:

Hey Twin - I called you a while ago and I think I left a message .. Winter jew session would be nice. I now have a F/T job plus a busness in Newcastle so finding the time is the challenge.

Ye that was on 2 pound fireline - fish almost spooled me - but I tried a few rod techniques which changed the fishes direction. Kinfish don't go for very long though. It got tired - they also seemed very hungry as they were chasing hardy heads in the shallows.

Fish were caught close to Fig Tree - PS the water was slightly murky too.. which confused the hell out of me but I did not complain : ) Nice by catch - just ate one using the Kingfish recipe recently shown on master Chef - bloody awesome - lime and slightly cooked King is YUMMM..

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congrats its funny u say that u caught your kingy far in land i catch most my kingies in port hacking up in the areas u would not think they hide! spot x haha good to see they are still around i had couple landed sat before geting rained on both were rats and both caught on chicken how u figure that one, :wacko:

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