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Landbased 23.06.2009


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Hey there raiders I am planning a trip 2morrow morning early till about midday.Would like to be at a spot by sunup so will be keeping the travel time in mind as well.I am from winston hills so if you want I will gladly pick you up "within reason" :1prop: from surrounding areas.

Thinking of the harbour bridge and surrounding areas but I am easy going should you wish to go elsewhere.

I say so because I do not have stats to talk/brag about so a promising spot from someone else is "PERFECT :1prop: "

Anyway feel free to call or mail me and we can continue the conversation then.

0406625552 Clem

I normally stay up till about 11pm. to 12pm.


Sorry for changing the mobile number for those whom have takin the previous number as I made a mistake and posted my wifes number.

Above is the correct number to contact me.

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