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Fantastic Plastic

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post-10930-1245659837_thumb.jpgBraved the conditions on saturday to hunt down some jew around the Alfords point/Lugarno area of the Georges River.

Started fishing at around 3ish noticed the tide had just about stopped running out so anchored up a couple boat lengths back from a nice drop off of nearly 3-4meters and started bombing the drop off with a 100mm shad type plastic.

5 minutes later felt a thud through the braid, i paused the lure but nothing.......... Quickly retrived the lure and put it back in the same general area and continued to work the lure, 10seconds into retrive the little 2500 series reel is scream'n!!!!! ooooh yeh definate jew hit...

After a few nice runs and sloggin it down deep i finally got a view of it, only a little guy of around the 60cm mark but cant beat fishing lite.

Fished for another 2 hours in the same area, boat traffic was starting to become a major problem. Thanks to the two guys racing there ski boats in a 8 knot zone :mad3:

Finally the boat traffic stop and was joined buy another couple boats fishing plastics.

Just on dusk got smashed again and landed another jew which was just under 60cm but still top fun, the guys fishing beside me also hooked up on what seemed to be a better fish prob around 70cm mark.

Quickly getting dark called it a night and headed back to the ramp.

Lures used were, Squidgy shad 100mm-foxy shad and berkly pogy 4inch-anchovy. Worked the lures with a simple lift and retrive style

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Done well mate.

Its nice when ur hooked up isnt it? Rather than 2 bozo's polin the jews up from under ur transom :074:

Great work champ


HA HA Not wrong had to get back there on sat, only landed a couple flatties on friday arvo when i saw you guys poll'n em...... Have you been doing any good around the bridges?

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Ive got every bridge from Como up to Chipping Norton lakes cracked,..........Just move around and dont be afraid to try to new things at new spots.....


Keep going like that and next thing we'll see less traffic and the skulls in every anchored boatie cracked


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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