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Harbour Sunday

King slayer

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Myself and mate Matt hit the harbour on Sunday.

Weather was supposed to be not great with a little rain an wind to 15 knots. Wrong! Light cloud, light breeze and not a drop until we got back to the ramp. Perfect. And not much competition on the water as an added bonus.

Object was to get squid, fish for jew on the early tide change and then chase kings and salmon.

Middle harbour was dirty and this made the squidding very hard. With one little tacker and one frozen from the other day we gave up at around 6 and headed to the wreck we were going to fish.

Sat there for the change plus about 1.5hrs. A few tailor came on board and one was stripped for bait straight away. As we were about to leave I picked up one of my rods that had just been hit lightly to find a beautiful flattie of 69cms on the end!! Very happy with that. The debate as to weather to keep or release her was quickly settled with Ikijimi and a trip to the tank to bleed out. The fish that is :biggrin2:

One of matts heavy rods reacted in the same manner and half way up the big girl had shredded through the 50lb leader. must have been on a while! Bugger.

Next we headed to clean water to find some squid. Daylight is always more productive for me on squid. We did quite well in a few spots and every squid was a stonker. In the end we boated about 10-12 mostly quite large calamari and went for a quick troll around quarantine/North head to see if the salmon were about.

We didn't find any after a token effort, but did see some diving birds (which we trolled past) and over the south side a few boats that seemed to be chasing a school, but the water was rough out there, so back to more leisurely pursuits...Right after a coffee and Bacon+egg roll..

The intention was to down rig Middle harbour, but we underestimated how dirty the water was. After a slow trip around to find a good deep spot (which we hoped would have clean water below) we settled on the bluff and anchored there for the low tide change.

Not really expecting much we set four squid baits deep on the bottom and watched as the pickers slowly pulled each one apart. We persisted anyway since it was the last stop before home.

Soon after, both my rods go off together!!! :yahoo:

Matt grabs one and me the other. Half way up, mine goes slack.. and wouldn't you know, my so called high quality, heavy duty Gamakatsu trebbles bent out! :mad3: I have a bone to pick with those guys...

Matt passes me the other rod and after a spirited fight with four or so dives, we netted a healthy 70cm king from the dirty water.

Home after that as no more hits came.

Cheers all. Here's the catch.

Flattie and squid went down a treat an hour ago.



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You did do very well - good work. I was also out on Sunday and also trolled north head for zip. Then as soon as we tried bait bashing the pesky jackets moved in. Isn't it time for these little fella's to go away!!

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Good work on the kings in murky water.

I was at the bluff on Saturday in the rain - no luck.

Where did you get the dozen squid from????


Squid are around all the kelp beds in he main harbour where the water is clearer. Most were in 4m plus deep.


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