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Looking For The Cheapest 6500b Baitrunner - Help Please !


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Hey all,

I'm after two shimano 6500b baitrunners , cheapest i could find was $ 225 , anyone seen them cheaper than this ?

Yeah, bud.

$225 is too much if you ask me.

Have you considered the Penn 560 Slammer Liveliner? In my opinion, a better reel. I recently purchased a 460 liveliner, and cannot fault it. The drag system is much better.

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Mate, Ive often seen them advertised for $199 as a combo. I bought one with a 7 foot catana rod, which is now used as a spare rod, the rod isnt the greatest but its still cheaper than the prices you've found for the reel alone.

No great secret as to what tackle stores have them as a combo as I have seen them at most tackles stores as a shimano combo at that price.

Not sure what area you are in but it wouldnt hurt to ask your local dealer about shimano combo's.

If you would like to know more shoot me a pm. I'll be glad to help out.



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