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Ice Box

Jono Hammond

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Hey guys

I'm currently in the process of making my own ice box/seat for the back of my boat, i have a choice of using either 15 or 25mm foam for it and was wondering if 15mm would be enough considering its going to have 12mm ply and its going to be glassed as well. so it will end up around 30mm thick aprox.

Is this enough to keep the ice cool for a good day out on the water?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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G'day Jono ,

I recently built an underfloor esky in my boat (have a look in the workshop section ),i used 25mm p/u foam

and could'nt be happier with the results.

I think that you would be much happier with the final result , if you use the thicker foam.

Then again ,as Musty suggested, those poly eskys are a good alternative.


Bruce :beersmile:

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looked at buying an icebox and actually have one that i use for camping but as i am a cabinetmaker/jointer by trade i can get all the materials for nothing. also much nicer that it will custom fit my boat and look good. i find the ice box is too big for the room i have for it as i only have a 16 foot boat.

Was only asking about the 15mm foam as i found some just the other day and was hoping to get that little bit more space out of it but i think i can sacrifice an extra 20mm for better insulation. I was thinking of using the 2 sides for storage and having the icebox in the middle but i'm not sure now.

It will be 1300 long overall and about 300 by 300 wide and high. i reckon i can fit a few fish in that. maybe i will divide off either side for separate storage. hmmm still planning - i just want to get it right first time.

Thanks for all the advice


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