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Parra River


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It was lazy 9am start to the day for me and mick (kfish01) today on the Parramatta river. With wind forecasts not looking good we knew we didn’t have many hours on the water.

It didn’t take long for us to loose our gloomy eyes after our plastics were getting smashed as soon as they hit the water. Micks first cast of a hardbody got nailed instantly by a just under legal fish. My second cast ended up in a nice 33cm fish.


Mick also landed a nice fish of the same size later in the day whilst on the phone (his poor brother on the other side of the phone who could not get on the water today could only sit listening to the drag running whilst mick fought the fish).


All in all it was a good day, 15 legal size fish varying from 25cm to 33cm and 10 throwbacks. Majority of fish caught on Pumpkin seed grubs, bass minnow and various hard bodies.



Happy Easter to all celebrating and good fishing for the next few days !!


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Guest Jocool

Good going Nick and Co. I would have thought the fresh would have shut them down for a few days. Seems it didn't. Doesn't seem that the water is too murky either! :thumbup:

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