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Winter Jewiesssssss


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Hey Guys

My friend Mike (Browney1) and I are planning to do a beach jewie session in the near future.

We Have the right tackle, rods, reels, rigs etc but is there any tips that we can utilize for our session. I know with the winter period upon us there will be a lot more tailor and salmon than Yakkas or other baitfish.

Would it be more productive to use these.

Any other tips or useful ideas would be great fully appreciated.

Also is winter the time when big boys come out to play



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When fising beaches for Jew use BIG baits (like a whole butterflied Taylor) or whole pillies and whole fresh squid

Beach worms threaded onto 2/0 or 3/0 baitholders are GUN for Jew and use as much of the worm as possible- break it into pieces and thread them on.

My other tip is to fish deeper gutters where the Jew can sit and wait in ambush.

You will most likely nail some Taylor and Sambo's and bigger Bream as by catch so dont limit your options just to chasing Jew- take one rod for the Jew and fish lighter gear in close for other bread'n'butter species

Its been a while since I fished the beaches but I still apply same principles to river fishing- I use long rods (10' to 13') with 20lb mono and 15lb backing should be ample for most Jew (unless you get a monster) but as you are on beach there is not much risk of you being reefed on sharp rocks etc. etc.

Play your cards right and if you do get a huge run from one keep ya cool, let the fish do what it wants to do without getting smoked!

Hope this helps

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