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Knob That Fell Off The Bunk Bed


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I hadnt seen it here and thought i would speak my mind about the ruling in court today regarding the idiot that fell from the bunk bed. Suing your sons friends parents and being awarded $860,000 makes me feel sick in the stomach. Those poor parents lives are now ruined. People spend their entire lives working and saving to provide for their children and it is taken away by some moronic judge. What is this country coming to. I was always proud that litigation in Australia was not like the states where there is any kind of misfortune- someone is at fault. I can imagine that if everyone thinks back over their lives there has been accidents that have inflicted pain and suffering but no law suit eventuated. The parents and child may well have money now but they will always be know as money hungry FU*&^ITS. That child and parents will have no friends and i am glad. Who would want to be friends with someone like that. Not I!!!! Rant over. Mike.

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No warning labels on packets containing sharp hooks and hook a finger getting one out, sue the hook manufacturer because there was no "be careful hooks are sharp idiot" labels on them?

No relation to the bed issue but the world has gone mad!

Cold weather=less fishing=to much time to think about things not relating to fishing haha

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