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Nice North Coast Day.


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G'day all.

My mate Neil had regaled me with his stories of his bag limit snapper catches over the last couple of weeks so I made the time to drive the 1.5hrs down to have a fish with him out from Evans Head today.

Neil, mate Terry & I haven't had a fish together for 15 yrs. :1yikes: He has just completed a massive makeover on his 5.2 mtr seafarer & fitted a new 130hp etec to it as well. Its a beaut rig! :thumbup:

We were on the water before daylight & had to wait to watch the bar. It was dead low tide & breaking across it so we waited for 30 mins to make our run. Neil timed it to perfection & we were on our way.

Neil told me his sounder had carked it the day before. How were we supposed to find the fish? He just smiled & told me not to worry.

We hit the mark, worked out the current & dropped the pick. I grabbed my plastic outfit & fired out a cast.

My doubts about finding the fish were soon dispersed as I got nailed 1 st cast. My 1st red on a plastic. Not big but at 38cms a keeper. Next 2 casts the same result. 3 reds in 3 casts on the plastics.! :yahoo:

By this time the boys were into them on baits & for some reason the plastics didn't get another hit.

I succumbed & dropper rigged some baits on the circle hooks. It was a steady procession of reds, huge yakkas, flower pots, sweep & so on. Terry pulled a nice trag & a couple of maori cod as well.

I kept on chucking a variety of Slinky's stinky plastic collection but kept being interrupted by fish hooking themselves on the circles with the baited rod in the holder. :wacko: I was doing it tough! :biggrin2:

Terry then decides to put out a whole 30cm yakka. It didn't take long before it was smashed. After 5 mins the trace parted & we were left wondering. His next yakka out lasted 15 mins & was hammered again.

The fish fought deep for a while & then spent the next 20mins on the surface finning in the current.

It was a cobia & a nice one. He finally led it to the boat & I smacked it with the gaff. As usual it went nuts on the gaff & twisted & thrashed more than it did on the line. I hauled it on board & it was an impressive fish.

I called it for 40lb but back at the ramp 3 hrs later it pulled the scales at 35lb. Nice cobe! We all had livies out after that but no more cobes could be found.

We called it a day around 1pm with 25 squire, 2 maori cod, 1 trag & 1 cobe in the ice box.

Top day out with some old friends. :thumbup:

It won't be 15yrs before we do it again!!!!



Me with a couple of reds.

Terrys' 35lb Cobia. That's Terry on the left & good mate & skipper Neil on the tail!

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Great day out Jewhunter. It would have been perfect if not for me receiving a phone call while at work to tell me how much fun you were having :1badmood:

Nice to see those stinky Gulps have gone to a good home and are doing what they're meant to. 3 Reds in 3 casts on placcies is something special. Won't be too long before that 7kg fish hits the deck.

Tight lines, Slinky

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Congrats Grant on your SP snapper, sounds like you had a good mornings fishing with a couple of buddy's,

huge cobia and heaps of plate sized reds, gotta be happy with that..


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Thanks for the replies all.

It sure was a fat cobe. They are a great looking fish.

Baked snapper for dinner last night was unreal. :thumbup:

Iceman, I didn't take any snaps of the maori cod. They weren't that big & I was too busy fishing! :biggrin2: I've caught a few with Slinky up here as well. We'll take a pic next time for you to compare.



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What a terrific day on the water. Must have been frustrating trying to use the placcies while constantly being interrupted by the bait rod ... but it looks like you coped ok. That's a great cobe, which would have been magnificent on the plate. A great way to catch up with an old mate! :thumbup:



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