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A Warm Welcome To Fishraider To My Friend Jim Bowers From Ballina


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Hi Raiders

I'd like to introduce one of my closest long time friends Jim Bowers to my Fishraider friends. Jim hails from Ballina and Jim decided to join Fishraider with my computer help today.

Jim arrived in Sydney on Wednesday and is staying at with Shirl and myself for a couple of months..... Jim and I go back a good few years and Jim used to work for me in the early ninetees.

Jim brought a selection of rods with him and wants to get into as much Sydney fishing as he can.

He is not into computers at all, so I will be doing the posting for him as he requires and passing on his advice and later doing his Ballina reports and posting the pics.

Jim has been involved in all types of fishing over many years and has often been invited to talk on local radio stations in the area so I'm very pleased to inform you all that we will be able to get regular reports from Jim and from the far north coast areas up to as far as the Tweed River when Jim goes back to Ballina

Here are a few random photos of Jim for now:

Hope you enjoy and there will be hundreds of photos of Jim's catches to chose from and post

Early Days

A much younger Jim looking like a larrickin at the wheel of his boat post-829-1246024600_thumb.jpg but he's not, he is always on a mission


post-829-1246024531_thumb.jpg Jim with this monster 160kilo big eye Tuna he caught fishing with a couple of his mates outside the shelf. There was talk of this big eye being a record I'll check with Jim when he wakes up in the morning

Jim playing a fish with his cousin Dean holding the gaff post-829-1246023372_thumb.jpg


post-829-1246022166_thumb.jpg post-829-1246022444_thumb.jpg

Photo above Live baiting off the clifffs, always fishes positive and prepared



post-829-1246022820_thumb.jpg Jim came prepared wearing his knee guards for this whopper


A recent photo of Jim fishing for post-829-1246025141_thumb.jpg Mangrove Jack using a hand line

post-829-1246026131_thumb.jpg Fishing for jew in a well known spot in the Sydney area

I will be posting more photos of Jim periodically from his albums when his friend arrange to send some down and also when we receive copies from tackle shops and his fishing mates in the Ballina area.

In the meantime if anyone wants to keep themselves occupied with Jim in their boat please let me know and I might be able to come along myself when my back problems allow.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Couldn't add this older photo to my original post, and this photo is of Jim with a good size Dolphin Fish, one of his favourite fish.


Almost forgot Jim's favourite is fishing for jewfish live baiting and fishing sp's

post-829-1246035750_thumb.jpg An assortment of Jim's upriver soapie jewfish and bream


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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there are some serious fish there, everything i have wanted to catch

only bigger. that dolphin you could prop up at the bar with a hat on

and no-one would no the difference. some great experience and greater

stories , looking forward to your reports jim

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hey how r yah guys i believe that jim my friend you used to be good mates with my old man michael bull

Hi bass beginner.... Quite a co-incidence mate your Dad being an old friend of Jim.....Jim remembers you as a kid Mark, Jim and your Dad Mick grew up together and fished together from the age of ten or so.... Jim tells me he has done over two hundred sessions with your Dad........

Jim says is looking forward to catching up with your Dad again, it's been a lot of years, he said.

Ask your Dad to give me a call and I'll put Jim on the phone, it would be great to see a re union of two good blokes who have been such good mates from childhood :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Cracking catches Jim, very impressed with the YFT and Big Eye.

Those 70's & 80-'s shots are just CLASSIC!!!!

Lookin forwards to getting some reports from you in the future, especially of any Jew you are getting (my fav fish is Jew too funnily eneough considering my userID)


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:1welcomeani: Jim!

You've caught some awesome fish over the years. I love the one in the backpack.

The Bigeye is AMAZING! A great collection of photos.

Thanks for posting Jewgaffer.



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