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Salmon Off Molleymook - Ulladulla

Aqua Naut

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Top of the tide headed out down to Molleymook Beach for some surf fishing. Got there 1 hour before the 1.9m tide After all the rain :1badmood: and some serious current running and swell of 2 mtrs thought I'd be wasting my time but I proved myself wrong :yahoo: . Found a great gutter down the northern end and straight away got some good bites. Half pillies on 2 4/0 hook rig and the salmon were on :lol::lol: . Hooked a nice 2kg fish and 15 minutes later hooked another going 2.5kg's. The smaller ones started to show and caught another 6 which were all release going 1kg each. All in all a good 3 hours of fun and 2 nice size salmon to smoke up. Tight lines!!! :1fishing1:

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