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Mate's First Kingy


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hay guys went out 2day early start as my mate was been bugging me to catch his first kingy as he knows i have caught a few... i was worried because of the winter chill they may have all gone but with luck on our side i had taken him to my favourite spot for kingys with no live bait around till 9am i had landed a nice squid there which i had out whole which didnt get swallowed and lost first kingy cause i set drag to quick then a school of garfish came to the rescue which were hard to catch but managed about 5 for livies. which proved success we landed 3 models biggest about 87cm lost 4 due to not changing leaders i know im usually good with that but was excited to have them on the chew again! but a good leason learnt and will have pre riged one's for next session!!

added a pic of my mate with his first landed kingy on 30lb line with my 100$ blah blah poop special combo hehe he was jumping around the tinny for ages with a grin ear to ear which made my day and show u what fishing is all about to get out and have fun!!


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