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So So Close


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Well today was the second time i have targeted Bass in two days (hopefully again tomorrow) and i came so damn close to hooking one it wasnt funny, really it wasnt coz i got the shits :1prop::ranting2: . I fished at Crosslands and was using a Smilin Jack raw prawn 40mm and first cast a Bass followed it out and i didnt know what to do as i had never seen a Bass before and didnt know what to do, so i left the lure there and gave it a little jig and the Bass went a little aggresive and then lost a bit of interest. The next cast in the same spot and the same story.

So i thought i would change the lure to a Manns 5+ 35mm and threw it in the same possition and the same thing happened, i dont know what i was doing wrong, :biggrin2: but it was the biggest SMART ASS of a fish i have ever seen and it gave me the shits, so i left that area and went to fish another spot that looked fishy. But i didnt see anything and nothing was interested in 3 Lures i threw around all for the couple of hours i was there.

But all up it was unreal to see that Bass follow my Lure out and to see a Bass for the first time other than in a photo. Its amazing to see the fish and i cant wait until i see a full on strike at one of my lures.

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions as to why it didnt strike?

Cheers, Knapers.

P.S, I am working on my patience.


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Guest Jocool

You need to try different retrieves to see what the fish want. When you saw it follow, perhaps a couple of quick turns on the reel to make it think that dinner is getting away! That may entice it to strike. Perhaps stopping, then a quick turn of the handle, stop...another quick turn...etc, etc... It is frustrating sometimes, but I'm sure you will come good.

Are you going to go there on Monday? Might be that I can come out Monday early if your going there! :thumbup:

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Im on Pittwater Monday Joe, thanks all the same. It would be wicked if i could post a pic up tomorrow of my first Bass, i would be so stoked. It also shit when Dad goes away fishing and takes all and i mean ALL of the good reels. So i was having trouble with my accuracy in casting today as well. I cant wait to tell him what i think on Tuesday. F#$k i was shitty, bloody birds nests gave me the shits something savage.

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Joe i found it in the SHED, Dad took all the Bomb Rods and Reels for him and his mates :ranting2: Its a Butterworth Powereel, i think its worth less than butter personally. Its stuffed and Dad forgot to leave me one, i was just glad to go fishin but the Lures are all tops.

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