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Snapper And A Pb Mowie At The Hump


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There were plenty of dark clouds around as Syd, his mate Steve, and myself headed out. The seas were calm and we all had hopes of it being a good day!


Saw a few boats around Jibbon bombora, which was breaking despite the calm seas.

A 1-2m wave suddenly appearing out of nowhere shows how dangerous bommies can be.


As we were trolling down the coast this "luxury" cruiser went past. I'm not sure, but I think the boat was called "Wide-beak"? :074: It's a mighty fine looking boat! Everyone on board was smiling as the skipper is a legend so I'm told!


We were tempted to follow "Broadbill", but we started picking up some tailor.

After an hour or so, the tailor went quiet and we made a late call to head down to the hump.


We eventually arrive to find heaps of boats there. There were also some dark clouds on the horizon, but conditions were great.


Syd's mate, Steve was straight into the action picking up some mowies and snapper.


The skipper, "Pick-A-Box" Syd soon had his rod bending too.



After a couple of hours, many of the boats started to leave or head elsewhere. We continued picking up the odd snapper and mowie, interspersed with plenty of sweep.

The skies looked very threatening with the occasional rainbow. However, we never saw a drop of rain. (I'm putting a few storm cloud photos in the general photo section for those that are interested)

The honours were shared. I scored a pb mowie (50cm), Steve scored the biggest snapper and Syd was happy with his catch.




Another great day! We didn't intend to travel so far south this trip, but we all agreed it was a worthwhile last minute decision.



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A few people have asked about the size of the snapper we caught. Despite what they appear to be in the photos, none were very big, but all were a good plate size, about 38cm to 46cm. They all looked small next to the bigger mowies.


(These were not the biggest)

The mowies ranged from about 35cm to my pb 50cm one. We also had a few "throwbacks" around 30-33cm. (The smallest mowies I've ever seen)


Also, here's a few more pictures of "Broadbill" on its way down the coast. (I think it was Broadbill and not Billfisher?) Anyway, what a beautiful boat. That's a classy way to go fishing!





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Nice bag there Peter. We went down on Billfisher & were about an hour behind Rosco on Broadbill. It was my first outside trip & couldn't have been a better initiation although the thousand slimmies did wear thin.


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with so many slimies around

you'd have to think that there would be something decent around to take them

should of thrown 1 down live.

G'day shadda. We caught a few slimies, and we put them out.

This is what happened to one of them:


I actually posted this in the Aquarium section under the heading: "What bit this slimy?"

I'm still not sure what would leave a bite mark like that.



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