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2 Men, 2 Hours, 40 Leatherjacket


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Finally got the boat back in after a couple of hours worth of maintenance took a month :(

Went over to the wedding cakes in the morning hoping there might be the odd kingy around... but after the first cast my worst fears were realised when the bait came back decimated by the jackets.

Inside a couple of hours we were bagged out. Doing my bit to reduce their numbers for the fishraider community - mind you there were another 100 in the school that we left behind. :mad3:


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I was in coles tonight doing the shopping and while the :wife: was buying stuff from the deli

i was looking at the fish (haveing a bit of a laugh at the sh*t they sell) and they had those

leatherjackets for $7.99 kg. some one must enjoy them for a feed.

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so what do u do to get leagther jackets?

small hook with prawn?

and berley?

i just want fish......... when weather gets better on the sat...

where abouts in the bay?


i find small hook with squid .. harder for them to pull off the hook than prawns.

I fish LB so cant help with location ...

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