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New Fishing Show


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A new fishing show called IFISH was on channel 10 today at 2.30 pm. They had a mad deep jigging session on samson fish' fish to about 20 KG :1yikes: did any one else catch the the show? I thought it was pretty good for a first up effort but I thought the camera work was average.

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Guest Jocool

I loved it. I thought it was awesome! Dont you just love that line...Jus one more fish! :thumbup::thumbup:

And when he asks his partner ...After catching all these fish...What do we do???

Partned says...Have a rest!!! :wacko:

He says...Thats right...We do it all again! :074::074:

Gotta love his enthusiasm! :thumbup:

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Its on today but at a different time than last week according to the tv guide (on ninemsn.com) .. 1pm, not 2:30pm today.

I watched the show last week but I have to admit 1 segment doing the same stuff (even tho it was a mad session) made me a bit bored.. I'd rather see a few different spots in each show.

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G`day Fellas ,

It would seem as though Paul Worsteling has either finaly broken away from Rex Hunt , or Rexie has called it a day , not sure which , but I enjoyed the show for the simple reason It was NEW!.

It remains to be seen how the show progresses , hopefully not to where The Ads take up more than the fishing Does.

Lets also Hope , that Paul Has indeed noted all the complaints aimed at Rexies show over the years , and does not make the same mistake .

Incidently , I sent away for a long 4 piece rod called a PROWLER from his shop some 3 odd years ago .

I was very impressed at the Curteous and Speedy response to my emails , then was super impressed by the Packaging of the rod on arrival.

I loved that Rod , but sadly , when casting off the beach after about 6 or so months , my line tangled around the top section of the rod and sucked the top half into the Drink.

Local bystanders were highly amused by the look on my face ,when 1/2 my pet rod Headed for NZ.

The rod was extremly tough and designed mainly for Boats , the idea being that a 4 piece rod could be stowed easily on board , and the length allowed you to steer fish away from the motor .

I mainly used it at the entrance to the Manning River At Old Bar , because anyone who has fished there , will know that if you are barefoot , then large lumps of gravel are continuously being rolled over your feet , and I`m here to tell you It hurt.

The long , strong , fast Taper nibble tip , 9 FT PROWLER , allowed me to stand back from the dropoff , and avoid the wash .

The rod handled large Flatties to 10lb , as well as Some massive big sea Bream , but One day I hooked a large Shovel nose Shark 4 foot long , and actually beached it , before letting it go.

If you ever see a repeat of REX and Paul catching elephant fish on westerport bay , then you will see the Rod in Question.

I hope Paul and his Co-host Lee Raynor do well , because as you can already see , the show has been moved after one episode , and reduced to a filler .

Its now follows the longest running commercial on Tele ( Infomercial ) , and as if we did not have enough footie shows , here is another one ( Seriously Footie ) , followed by Ozzie Rules Footie . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Still , anythings better than nothing when it comes to Fishing shows.


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GDay Fellas,

Not a bad start to the season showing Sambo jiggin........really enjoyed the show, finally someone has shown the jiggin we get up to over here, although it was shot off a charter boat I know ET has also done jiggin recently with WA`s top jiggin charter (SHIKARI) and also had a ball so you`ll no doubt catch that episode at some time Id say. Looking forward to that if it ever gets on WA television.

The main setups used are Stella 20000`s and Saltiga 6000`s and the odd Spheros 14000 on custom Calstars and TCurve 400`s, we have mainly been running 80lb PE Braid, which really is a minimum to stop these buggers. At 90-110m your dropping into schools of 1000 fish and if your not pulling up 60+ fish each day your not going hard enough. Although nailing a couple in a row bloody hurts, and they do get up to 1660mm and 60kg, I think that was the skip boated last season.


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