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Monster Salmon.....


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After a few weeks of bad weather, roughseas and the like went for an arvo beach bash at Avoca.

Swell wasn't too bad but plenty of rips dragging me 50m left n right in a matter of seconds.

Found an allright spot on the beach after about 20mins or so then zzzzzzzzzzz, I'm on to a nice Salmon. A few miniutes later landed a 46cm model and quite happy with myself. Bout 10 people were hanging round looking at the fish, asking about the fish, commenting on the fish etc....

I get a phone call at this stage, It's none other than Ray R, 'Where r ya'.

' I'm half way down the beach bla bla ' I say..

Anyway I was stoked, 1 fish and fresh coffee delivered by Ray. Thanks mate..

So coffee's gone, baited up and chased the retreating wave to cast out.

24 seconds later, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, OMG I'm on again.

I knew it was a decent salmon, and he put up a great fight, cleared the surface, nasty head shakes, a few more runs, dodging waves and I land a monster Salmon.


Took the Salmon home for a proper measere, but picked him to be just under 70cm.

And to my suprise.....


70cm, on the knocker.



Maybe a new FR record.

Cheers guys.



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Hi Pete, yeah mate that thing is huge, told ya when I saw its first leap out of the surf that he's a monster

well landed too mate, things that size can easily escape but you nailed him.. :thumbup:

Congrats again Pete and yes that is a new FR salmon record.. :icon_peace:


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That's a great salmon Peter! :thumbup:

They fight hard and have weight. Great fun to catch! I love it when they jump too.

Great report.



Anyway I was stoked, 1 fish and fresh coffee delivered by Ray. Thanks mate..

So Ray, besides fishing and photography, you're delivering coffee now? The next morning I'm out in the boat freezing, I'm going to give you a call! (white with two) :074:

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Ray has the lagoon been opened to the sea this winter?

I keep promising myself to get back up there soon.

Yeah mate, it is still open as we speak, should close up over the next couple of weeks..


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hey there, great fish. Do you eat them? I sure do. PPL say they feed them to the dogs but you gotta be creative. Dice them up, add some sweet chilli, sweet soy lime juice and some fresh coriander. Beautiful meal.

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Nice Sambo Peter, its a STONKER!!!!

Ah, I love Avoca but havent been there fore AGES.

Planning a trip up that way within the next couple of weeks, might try to rope you and Ray in for a quick session off the sand.

Congrats matey, well done

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