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Rigs For Jewie Fishing...


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I have a couple weeks of holiday starting on Monday and i figure that i might have a crack at trying to catch a Jew. I have never really had a devoted try for them but figure it might be a nice change and also a new challenge for me (although if the Kings are still around i probably i will probably still be distracted by them!)

I know there are a lot of experts on this forum so i was just after some advice as to a basic rig for live baits and also for deadbaits/butterflied yakkas etc.

How much weight - proximity to the bottom, length of leader, size of leader, hook size, single or double hook rig. There also seems to be a lot of debate about whether to leave the rod in free spool or with very little resistance, or whether to fish in gear with full fighting drag.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Hey Jim

I mainly do jewie fishing from beaches and the rocks or headlands, I use a 1.5m leader fishing from the rocks as it provides a little bit more resistance for the rocks. The leader for Breakwalls is 100lb or 80lb depends on the bait size and fish size I am trying to catch. Beaches it dropps to 80cm and is mainly 50lb or 40lb.

Off the rocks Mono is the go and the beaches I use 50lb and 30lb braid. Remember if fishing with braid from the BEACH use a SHOCK LEADER of about the rod length.

Hooks are pretty simple, 7/0, 8/0, 9/0 ands 10/0s the big 10/0s are for like a big tailor or a fillet of a tailor.

Baits, TAILOR, Mullet, Yakkas for beaches and rocks works with a single or twin 8/0 to 10/0s, In the rivers I would go a nice whole squid on twin 8/0s, or tailor. If the mullet are running go the mullet.

Drags, of the beach I use a baitrunner so I click that in and when the fish picks up the bait give it about 4 seconds click it in and go from there, remember of the beach drag doesn't have to be to heavy, what ever is manageable. Off the rocks/breakwalls give the fish again 4 seconds to get it down and go hard or go home off the rocks. YOU MUST STAY IN FRONT OF THE FISH OFF THE BREAKWALLS!!!!!!!


Good Luck


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for warf and beach fishing i usually use my 12ft rod for longer casting, rod silstar powertip and shimano 6500 set up with 30lb line to a sliding clip for medium star sinker black ball bearing 50lb swivel with about 1m jinkai 60lb leader (pending on bait i personally only use fresh squid caught with in the day for jewies ive found in my spot i hook up everytime with fresh whole squid.) and rig it with a sliding snood 2x 8/0 hooks with the sliding hook adjust it to the top of the hood and lower one through the middle of the eyes this set up has worked for me for a while, hope this helps :thumbup:

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