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Mad Mullet Is On The Water Finally


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hi guys n girls finally after 5 months of pain my boat is pretty much finished, as u know in previous post i went with the volvo penta 5litre v8 and penta duo prop leg, the old motor was a 5 litre carby and used to struggle a bit to plane, the boat and use 1litre per kilometer at its most fuel afficient stage, the leg shat itself so now the new drive line is installed, i was busting to take her for a water test and the day came, it was awsome jumped to the plane in seconds with a real sweet sound, i can only take the motor to 4000 revs at the moment, but at 4000 i got 32.5 knts gps speed at 9litres per hour, at a trawl speed of 9 knts against tide at 1250 rpm at 6ltrs per hour, for a 2.5 tonne boat i was impressed, the handling is so much better with the duo prop its unbelievable at 30knts i can throw her strait around for a u turn and it jumps strait back out the other way, totally impressed with this i am wrapped and waiting for the fishing now, will post some pics of inside soon on all the changes i have made,

thanks for your ear enjoy

cheers andy









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well done mullet ive followed your journey with this project its kept me going as it has taken 3 months to rebuild my merc efi outboard .i had my water test last sunday and all went well were you abit nervous on the day,needed to know how she went but cheers top effot mullet ,i couldnt sleep the night before as all the hours i put in i just wanted to know how good it was ,c you out there cheers dunc333

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