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Sun Morning


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G'day gang! Hit South Curly pool about 6am on Sun morning.Armed with my blackie gear and another heayer outfit.Started off with wole pillies on gang hooks for a tailor or somon.No luck there.SoI changed tactics :biggrin2: . And sent out a pillie tail on a 2/0 hook.It lasted about 15 mins.A bit of a bump I lean back on the rod and I'm on :thumbup: .After short but spirited fight I landed a nice 34cm bream :yahoo: .Buy this time the sun was getting on to the water and it all went quiet.So I changed over to the blackie outfit for the run down tide.Tryed for an hour for 0.

Had a chat to jewgaffer on the phone.What a gem he is :thumbup: .Not just a wealth of info but great bloke as wel :thumbup: l.Thanks for all the info Jewgaffer could'nt ues it all on the weekend but will keep it in the files :thumbup:

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