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A Few More Photos For Members Interested In Fishing At Ballina


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To those members heading to Qld or the far north coast, I would recommend visiting the Ballina area at some time or other and fishing off shore, in the main river and in the creek system......

These are a few recent pics sent to me by my good friend and fishing mate, Jeff Frankham, Pastor of The River City Church, Ballina....

I hope you enjoy the pics from Ballina......

post-829-1246938286_thumb.jpg Pastor Jeff Frankham

post-829-1246937367_thumb.jpg post-829-1246937886_thumb.jpg Jim Bowers

post-829-1246937457_thumb.jpg post-829-1246937580_thumb.jpg Jeff

post-829-1246937627_thumb.jpg Jim Bowers

post-829-1246937714_thumb.jpg Jim Bowers fishing with a friend

post-829-1246938351_thumb.jpg Jim about to release a friendly bird

post-829-1246938445_thumb.jpg Jim Bowers pictured with a young member of the church


jewgaffer :1fishing1:


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