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Brunswick River Fishing


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Hey Guys

Once again I am heading North to Byron Bay :1fishing1: ,and i was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how the Brunswick River has been fishing of late.

Targets are bream, flathead, and jew.

Any advice would really be appreciated.


Tight lines


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Hi Steve, we've been back just over a week now, & it was filthy dirty from all the rain when we were there. It should be clearing now tho.

There are some good yabbie beds right next to the caravan park by the marina if you want to try live bait - that is what caught me my bream, blackie & something else that took off at a rate of knots before spitting the hook. You can get mangrove jack there as well!

There are some oyster racks on the right up past the bridge (not the first lot you see - take the right hand side of the island if low tide, but do the left on the high tide, good flatties/bream there.) The racks in the middle are in full current (should be ok in a boat if anchored), but the ones on the right (abandoned) are out of the current & good to cast to. Up near the creek mouth there is a drop off that is worth targetting too. That is as far as I have been in the yak. Worth casting around the bridge pylons, too.

PM Jewhunter .... he knows the area well!



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Gday Kirkby!.I've fished it a couple of times.I can only back up what Roberta has said.All i can add is to fish the creek mouth on an outgoing tide.I picked up some nice trevers there earlyer this year.The brakewall can be worth a try as well.Oh and the Brunswick pub's not bad for a feed and :beersmile:

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.....Oh and the Brunswick pub's not bad for a feed and .....

Gotta agree with that MM ...... had a meal there whilst we were there & just loved it! Will put that spot on our 'must visit again' list!


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