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Lessons On Cleaning Squids Please!


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Pull the head, guts & clear 'spine' out of the squid. Rip the flaps & skin off to leave the nice white tube. Scrub the outside with salt water & turn the tube inside out & do the same to the inside.

There you go, ready to eat.

Keep the head & flaps for bait.



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you might want it to expel its ink before cleaning, as you will have a hard time cleaning your sink afterwards, or garbage bin.

or if you want to eat the ink as well, (i sometimes do if i manage to get the ink sac out without spilling) try to be as gentle as possible as the ink sac is very fragile.

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Have just been out yesterday off Balmoral.

So we now know how to catch the damn things and we know how to eat them...

But we need a lesson on how to clean the buggers.

Can anyone help?

Much action there yesterday? Was going to go out but it started raining about 8 o clock and I wussed out

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No not much action yesterday, another boat close by was having a slow day as well.

My son got his two squids and said that was his feed so we went home.

Thanks for the cleaning tips. Didn,t think to turn them inside out and we did have ink, well, every where.

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