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Wind Factors


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hey guys

now i think this could be a good thread starter and a few theories may be thrown in here.

the main idea to this thread is to find out which wind effects fish and why??

my old man said dont bother trying to catch fish when the wind is a southerly....... i've also heard other comments by a marlin fisho who said if there has been a westerly wind in the past week dont waiste your time hunting for marlin.

i've also heard that the mullet run starts on the first westerly in April..... if the westerly doesn't blow will the mullet run still occur....

when i fish for bream and a strong wind is blowing i try and find a bit of cover where the water isnt so windy, only because the wind makes it a pain when casting especially when the current is in opposite direction to the wind. In saying that i've caught more bream in choppy waters than calm waters....... my theory is that the windy waters make more cover for bait fish and allow them to be active which means bream and other fish will be out from the weeds and into the open chasing bait.

For the beach fishos on the east coast they would rather not fish on an easterly wind because casting can be a headache.

personally i cant say wind direction has been a factor to why i havn't caught fish. i feel barometric pressure and water temp are the factors that send fish in a frenzy or not.

im no weather man but does certain winds have a relationship with baro pressure and is this why???

post up your theories and ideas. will be interesting to see reasons.



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Check out this old rhyme, I remember it from my childhood, my dad who caught his share of jewies taught it to me. Might be a bit of superstitious mumbo-jumbo from the past but who know it might help ?

When the wind is in the east,

Then the fishes bite the least;

When the wind is in the west,

Then the fishes bite the best;

When the wind is in the north,

Then the fishes do come forth;

When the wind is in the south,

It blows the bait in the fish's mouth.


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Hey Fishinnik

My family had a waterfront Holiday House on Lake Mac I think they first got it in the very early 1900,s

Got it from the Vales Family, their house being the little green one on hill in Scott St Vales Point, or so the storey goes, Pop built ours just down from them.

Pop taught Dad how to fish, dad taught us little buggers how to fish. I had no hope, was addicted to fishing by the time I was ?????, lets just say forever.

As a young fella always remember Dad sitting in the front verandah (68 foot wide!!!!!!! one at that) overlooking the Lake and when a southerly blew up he'd just say in all his wisdom.

"Hmmm, boys never fish the first day of a southerly". Pop taught him the saying.

Guess what, to this day I never intentionally fish the first day of a southerly.

However these days I suspect it mostly has to do with the comfort factor.

Was sold about 7-8 years ago dammit dammit dammit.


Trapper Tom

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Talking about the ongoing southerly's we've seen over the last couple of weeks or more, take a look at the type of wind change from the west and north west on the way for Saturday and Sunday Nick.. A change like that is what fishermen restricted by time should be looking for and also tournament fishermen have their best results on days of sudden weather changes.....barometric pressure fluctuations also go hand accordingly and denote the longevity of a change.....Fishing at the beginning of a trough between fronts or the start of a high front takes out most of the guess work as far as planning an estuary or river session is concerned.....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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so basically its about comfortability and obviously fishing with the wind going against the current makes fishing tough.

So from the saying southerly winds makes fish lazy and have to put the bait in front of their nose....... making fishing tougher.

but overal wind doesn't dramaticaly effect the fish as greatly as said just wives tales??? and more to do with barametric pressure influences turning fish off.

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