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Giant Bream


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post-6537-1247201363_thumb.jpgHey Raiders!!

Sorry about the point form details:

Wednesday morn approx 8:30am.

Incoming tide, almost High.

Bait: Potty mullett.

Georges River: Spot X

Gear: Graphite 7ft, Okuma baitunner 30. 10lb fireline. 15lb mono trace.

This stomper smashed the bait, buckled my rod and took approx 5 mins to land...seemed a lot longer!!!

Didn't measure it at the time (no ruler!!).

But measured the full length of the bucket today (45cm)...

Tasted beautiful baked wrapped in foil, ginger, shallots, corriander, soy, sesame, pepper, lemon slices...

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That's a thumper :thumbup:

i caught one that size when fishing off the back of a moored boat at lake macquarie, had it in the keeper net for 1hr (i keep checking because i couldnt believe the size) and then decieded to go back into shore, pulled up the keeper net and it was gone :1yikes::ranting2: , somewhere in between me checking the net and three minutes later it was gone!

but i showed every1 from shore and i did get a chance to measure it so it was better than getting it to the boat and then it getting away.

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Nice bream elite! did you leave it in the fridge overnight before you cleaned it and did you have the bream for lunch today did you mate? I do that myself but I bleed my take home bream on the spot, after I take the gills out and hang them upside down to drain and leave the guts sealed in until just before cooking them the following night........


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Holy dooley mate,

What a ripper, you don't see too many of those around the Georges......

Unless one of the other raiders has a Spot Y we could all go and get a bigger one from, I think you get the GR FR catch of the week!



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