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Gladesville Last Night


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Nathaniel and I had orgainsed to meet at Spot B for some Jew action.

Just around the corner get a call and there is people already at the spot and they havent nailed anything.

We decide to go to Spot A (a few minutes away)

I get there first and start rigging up-

I decided on a 2 hook rig with a running sinker (size 2 ball sinker and 2 X 1/0 bait holders)

First cast chucked out 2 small pillie chunks and the cast landed just inside the moored boats.

I put the rod down and was going to have a quick smoko, I pulled my smokes out of the jacket and I realized I still had my bells sitting in there too.

I thought I better chuck them on the rod (like that was good thinking...)

Next thing I just start to lift the rod and line starts dancing and the reel is SCREAMING!

As I still had part of the tip of the rod in my hands I just slowed her down using the line itself going through the last running before the tip

By the time the fished stopped I had it ready to rip, she have one lunge and I stuck for all it was worth.

The rod buckled over and line was again screaming from the reel.

Nath thought I was pulling his leg when I shouted "I'm ON!!!" and I immediately called for a Jew.

After another blistering run of about 40m I got reefed

I re-rigged back up and immediately cast back out again- this time I thoght some bottle squid might tempt he back- but nothing.

The tide had stopped running completely and the action went dead, lol

The tide was dead high and we decided to leave the gear and go exploring- we found another fantastic place and Nath was all too ken to immediately try it out.

15minutes later Nath ran down with the UGLIEST fish attached to his line- I noticed it was a "star gazer" but he was pretty small (maybe 20cm at best)

About an hour into the run out Nath's rod (same as liast time) has nearly been dragged off the wharf and its doing these wild dipping things and the heavily set drag is pumping line out in short and sharp bursts.

Nath called for the net but I was not really paying attention, he called again and a HONKER of a Black Bream showed on the surface- I grabbed the net and did the honours... WOO-HOO!!!!!

Was cut the line and measured him immediately (40.5cm - What a cracker!!!!)

Est weight 1.2kg and FAT AS.

We took a piccie of the Bream on the "brag mat" and I have attached it

Was a fantastic night on the water with a great mate- shame I missed the Jew, but the Bream was a HONKER!!!!


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