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Just sharing an experience

Had an interesting (for want of a better term) experience yesterday morning. Had a rigged rod sitting in the front of the car (rod but sitting in the passenger footwell and rod tip resting on top of the passenger seat).

In what could be considered a rather unlucky coincidence I changed gear just as the rod slipped of the the back of the seat, sort of falling neatly in place along side the gear stick, leaving me with a treble (from a brand new blade) driven through the back of my wrist.

To compound the problem the remaining two treble points were attached to my shirt sleeve and the stripper guide of the rod respectively.

Was interesting trying to work out how to turn on the interior light of the car (it was still dark) without letting go of the steering with my one free hand, how to get at the pliers in tackle bag on the back seat, how to stop the bleeding over the car and looking for a place to pull over whilst still doing 60kph down James Ruse Drive.

At this point during my struggle to get free I had managed to unhook one treble point from the stripper guide and had pulled some drag off the reel and had some how managed to wrap some 6lb flouro leader around the gear stick neatly locking the line and me to where the shift knob attached to the gear stick.

What a floggin mess lol - all ended well, I pulled over & remembered the pliers in the glove box so cut the line to free myself and then pulled the treble out complete with a small piece of flesh. Glad it was only a bream lure. Am laughing as I type but was not so funny at the time .

Moral of the story - secure your gear in the car or rig up when you get there.

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Matee, thats gold and a good warning.

Had a mate copped a 1/2x1/4 behind the ear being cast by a bloke with a Snyderglass FT8144.

Yipes... must have been going about 150KMH and pinned his earlobe to the side of his head just behind his eye.

It wasn't me.... honest!!!.... I was further down the shelf, but by the time the swearing had subsided I nearly wet myself.

Watch out for trebles buddy, they are DESIGNED to cause injury and hook up at the slightest opportunity!



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